Abruzzo ?

Located 60 miles East from Rome, and well served by the new international airport of Pescara on the Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo is an authentic region which has preserved its natural and cultural heritage full of a exceptionnal diversity.

Diversity of the natural parks

Located beetwen the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Range, Abruzzo region has 4 exceptional National Parks, including for example the National Park of Abruzzo where fauna and flora have stayed totaly wild and preserved. The Marsican bear, wolf, deer, and the lynx are protected species which exist in their natural habitat.

Its history, its heritage and cultural diversity

Many neolitic and roman archeologic sites, medieval villages and towns (L'Aquila City for example has 99 churches, 99 squares, and 99 fountains...), many chapels and places of worship built up in remote areas and caves which have been formed for millions of years in the calcarious rock so plentiful in this mountainous region : these are all the amazing places you can discover alone, with your family or in a group.

Touristic diversity

The beaches of the Adriatic Sea close to the new International Airport of Pescara is still growing, and is within one hour’s drive from anywhere in Abruzzo. You will find on the coast, wild beaches and resorts, attractions that you cannot miss. These include golf, sailing, sailboarding, tennis, volleyball to name a few. Among the many mountains of Abruzzo, the Gran Sasso is the highest summit of the Apennine Range with a height of 2916 meters. Therefore, mountain attractions are numerous and accessable during all seasons. In spring, summer and autumn you can take in walking, biking , horse riding, hiking, trekking, canyoning, mountain climbing. In winter all the familiar skiing resorts are available. The Abruzzo region allows you to have a good time all year round. Experience the ultimate with breathtaking scenary in the comfort of your own Italian paradise.

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